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Message Platform
Dear Friends,

Today, is a well developed platform with substantial experience in offering one-stop-shop travel products and services to worldwide travelers. With this platform, you can choose and book or buy air tickets, train tickets, hotel rooms, tour packages, cruise holidays, travel insurance, etc. It is a trend to share information on the internet. It follows that a 'Message Platform' is here and now set up for worldwide travelers. Not only latest information is going to be posted, but also contemporary topics can be freely discussed within this message platform subject to the terms and conditions associated with the website. Subjects that could be explored may include local custom and tradition, social and political history, economic development or religions. One might even get things going by talking about interactive progress regarding China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. Keeping in mind information sharing and collaboration in a worldwide scale, it is expected that this message platform may provide as far as practically possible and in a general situation the following information sharing:

1. First hand and latest travel information by means of both text and multimedia presentations where possible.

2. Indepth exploration of specific topics in connection with culture, dialects, history, politics, religion habits, economy and trading relationships, etc., in different places in the world. For example, discussions could be started with reference being made to global positioning and interactive relationship following the change of trading environments in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.

You are cordially invited to share your precious opinions and experience with peoples through the internet world by making use of this 'Message Platform' and register to be a user of this message platform.

You are also welcome to contact us by email for further details on participation in this intellectual platform.

If the contents or materials supplied to or received by our Company are considered to be irrelevant or inappropriate as decided at our sole discretion, our Company reserves the right to publish or not to publish, edit or amend, cancel or withdraw any or all such contents or materials as we deem it necessary without giving any notification.

Contact person: Mr. Peter Hung 18 March 2009
Contributed by  Hung Peter

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