Enquiry on Tourist Visa Requirements for Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Passport Holder

Enquiry on Tourist Visa Requirements for Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Passport Holder
6 November 2009
To: Consulate Office

Enquiry on Tourist Visa Requirements for Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Passport Holder

Tiglion Travel Services Company Limited is a one-stop professional travel service and product provider. Previously in 1996 our company endeavored to have invited consulates worldwide in provision of tourist entry visa application requirements for Hong Kong BN(O) passport holders. In the same year, those visa requirements and information collected were published in a book “Professional Travel Manual – Visa Requirements” which became an useful and ready reference to Hong Kong residents in the following years. Here we give deep thanks to your help.

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) passport is gaining prominence in Hong Kong residents’ choices of travel documents. In order to provide up-to-date information on tourist entry visa requirements to travelers, Tiglion intends to revise the book of “Professional Travel Manual – Visa Requirements”. We do need your continuous support and sincerely invite you to provide the current visa application requirements for HKSAR passport holders. Our knowledge-based platform "www.intellects.org" is a superhighway: any information published or updated can be made at any time and at a relatively instant pace with any of the possible variations made subsequently. It also serves as an additional channel of yours to release useful travel visa information to on-line users and travelers.

For network security, you can login "http://www.intellects.org/visa2009/index.php?com=_login-run&hl=en" (username and password to be provided by us upon request) to announce or provide the visa application information, such as visa requirements, visa required documents, visa application fee, visa processing time, visa collecting time, visa validity, maximum length of stay in your country and other information. You are welcomed to contact our editor, Mr. Peter Hung for further technical details on phone (+852-25987660), or via email (tls@tiglion.net) or fax (+852-25197296). Your support is appreciated as it could bring about the most reliable and effective visa application requirements of your country to the notice of Hong Kong residents traveling to your country.

Shortly before the 2009 East Asian Games, World Organization of Wushu Kung Fu Masters (the Organization) will host its 4th Anniversary Gala and Ceremony in Hong Kong on November 21, 2009. Arrangements are being made for wushu experts and professional kung fu masters to perform splendid demonstrations on martial art as a part of the ceremony events. It is not only an opportunity to introduce traditional Chinese wushu culture to wushu lovers, but also served as a platform for kung fu and martial art masters sharing and exchanging what they learned. We sincerely invite your esteemed office to make this known to martial art lovers in your country. We hope more friends from your country will come to Hong Kong and participate in this event. For more details, they can browse "http://www.intellects.org/cours/kungfu/index.php?hl=en" and make use of the on-line forms to make contacts through us for joining this or other oncoming activities with the Organization. Fostering cultural exchanges between Hong Kong and your respectable country is also our prime mission.

We should be most grateful if your excellence can help facilitate travelers from Hong Kong with your blessing perusal of information conveyed through such an intellectual venue. Once again, we cordially invite you to explore "www.intellects.org" and provide tourist visa application requirements for visits to your country for those tourists holding HKSAR passport.

Best regards.

Yours faithfully,
Peter Hung
Tiglion Travel Services Company Limited
Contributed by  Hung Peter

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