www.travel.com.hk A Conversion Platform from local to International and Mainland Markets

www.travel.com.hk A Conversion Platform from local to International and Mainland Markets

  • E-business is practiced for the travel service at travel.com.hk leveraging Internet economics and ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) solutions for acquiring business from a large number of customers locally and worldwide.

  • Through strategic alliance with insurance.com.hk, travel.com.hk serving as a registered general insurance agent offers transactions in travel insurance products both online and offline, with emphasis on online insurance facilitating travelers purchasing travel insurance and obtaining travel insurance policies instantly in an integrated process online on the Internet.

  • travel.com.hk takes the role of an online travel service provider performing online and offline transaction services for travel service products and travel insurance products in addition to traditional travel business practices.

  • travel.com.hk provides value-added services derived from the valuable travel information knowledge databases that were created and published on a series of web-sites under strategic domain names of travel.com.hk, insurance.com.hk and tiglion.com. Apart from serving traveler customers in the form of a decision support system as well as online delivery system, traveler customers could choose, compare and buy from this e-business platform travel products and services including air tickets, train tickets, hotel accommodation, tour packages, cruise journeys, travel insurance, visa applications for travelers, etc.

  • travel.com.hk is a new multilingual (English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese) e-business platform for global marketing interfacing sophisticated applications and systems capable of conveying audio and video promotions and advertisements. The proprietary global e-marketing and online advertising system linked up strategic domain names including travel.com.hk, insurance.com.hk, insurance.net.hk and intellects.org, all of which are focal points for online buyers over the Internet or through mobile phone access. With such a creative global e-marketing and online advertising system, it opens up transaction opportunities with 193 nations in the world by means of its multilingual core of an intelligent system on visa requirements. Instant and essential visa information materials relevant to all Hong Kong SAR passport holders about their individual visa requirements when visiting 192 countries in the world are now available. Alternatively, visa requirements information for nationals of 192 countries in the world visiting Hong Kong are also accessible to those intending to have information for visiting Hong Kong through online searches. Putting all these together, a creative revenue model in the highly professional travel business field was in open use by travelers worldwide.

Today travel.com.hk rides on the wind when Vice-Premier of China, Mr Li Keqiang, announced on 17 August 2011 that Hong Kong travel agencies would be allowed to open business and set up shops on mainland China.

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Management : Mr Peter Hung
Company: Tiglion Travel Services Company Limited
Address: Room 902, Yue Xiu Building, 160-174 Lockhart Road, Hong Kong
Tel: 852 25987660 or 852 94979224
Fax: 852 25197296
Email: tls@tiglion.net
Website: www.travel.com.hk
August 2011
Contributed by  Hung Peter

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