Inside Mizong Quan

Inside Mizong Quan
Training in Mizong Quan should concentrate on practice in shape, attention, guard and movement positioning and methods. Proficient control for physical movements in forward, backward, rise and fall are essential application requirements.

As quiet as still water and fast like a rolling pole. Capability and intrinsic operations in sidestep, openstretch, flyattack and disengagement are defined goals for advanced training purposes.

“Sidestep” Side-stepping swiftly left or right to dodge opposite attack. Immediate counter-attack slants simultaneously during side-step movements.

“Openstretch” Outstretching, relaxed open-form defensive stance. Spring-board impact movement reflexive to aggression.

“Flyattack” Flying-kick in blitz attack or leaping in full strides whether intermittently or consecutively.

“Disengage” Disengagement co-incides with ghost-like shifting steps or weightless posture displacement.

Hung Yun Yuen
Mizong Quan
1st generation successor descending from Master Ye Yuting,Cangzhou Mizong
Performing Arts Associate of Wushu Culture Resource
Life Achievement Award of World Organization of Wushu Kung Fu Masters
Accredited Coach of Hong Kong Coaching Committee
SanSou Coach
Chinese Traditional Wushu Umpire
Former Lay-Lecturer (First Aid) of St John Ambulance Brigade
Contributed by  Hung Peter

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