Martial Arts and Culture Performance, "The Invincible Beyond Time" Invitation

Wushu Culture Resource
We cordially invite you to our martial arts and culture performance, The Invincible Beyond Time (「誰是臥虎,藏龍在那」in Chinese), to be shown on 12 January 2014, 3-4pm at Mongkok Fa Hui Park, Kowloon. The performance is based on various historical materials of Chinese martial arts and features martial arts that are listed as Intangible Cultural Heritage of China. The creativity rests on the artistic interaction between these martial arts masters and live music performance by highly skilled singer and musician.

Wushu Culture Resource bears a vision to reinvent traditional Chinese martial arts as a cultural and creative experience that will engage audience coming from all over the world. It is very encouraging that our performances will be eligible to be shown at the West Kowloon Cultural District theatres. Wushu Culture Resource is a course provider in the databanks of Hong Kong Education Bureau for providing courses in the areas of LWL Life-wide Learning Activity and OLE Other Learning Experiences for primary and secondary schools.

Looking forward to your presence at this event and witness a new page in the cultural and creative industry of Hong Kong.

You are always welcome to contact us by phone at 25987660 or e-mail .

Best regards.

Hung Yun Yuen, Peter
Wushu Culture Resource
7 January 2014
Contributed by  Hung Peter

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